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User Experience (UX)
Crash Seminar

1 Day

The crash seminar packs the key phases and methodologies of the User Experience Design process. Even though you won’t be practicing every exercise, you will be fully equipped with all UX key methods to grow on your own!

effective, and
on point.

The 1-day seminar will offer you a solid foundation to the field of User Experience Design. You will be introduced to the key UX methodologies and terminologies. We will be going through the user experience design process in a nutshell through frameworks, real examples, best practices and original methodologies. This includes behavioural design, UX research and analysis, information architecture, ideation and concept, usability and testing, among others.

Seminar Structure

Designed and led by an expert in the field, the seminar is not a recirculated presentation of what can be learned in books or tutorials but a holistic and up-to-date format that conveys the knowledge through a modern form.

By the end of the day, you are equipped with a robust understanding of the UX discipline and a baggage of original methods and templates – ready to be applied in your context!

High-level Agenda
9:00 – 17:30

User Experience (UX)

Foundation of the complete user experience process and contextualising it based on (your) business and users’ goals. This includes UX Strategy, User Research, Analysis, Information Architecture, Concept Design, User Testing, and setting the ground for Interface Design.

UX Methodologies

Learning 10 methodologies along with original templates from which participants will learn in detail about the practice of user experience. The methods and templates – from defining a strategy and personas to user journeys and wireframes – will provide a toolbox for the participants to start practicing UX!


Throughout the day a glossary of 30 user experience related terminologies is introduced, making the discipline more graspable.

Best Practices

The day is packed with Dos & Don’ts, tips & tricks and best practices that put theory directly into practice by presenting real examples and benchmarks in the industry.

Sharing Knowledge

As an expert in the field, Jimmy Elias will be answering individual contextual questions and sharing his own work with multinational clients from the last 15 years.

You will receive the detailed agenda per E-mail upon request or registration.

Why is it different?

New approach to training along with original methodologies.

Packing the fundamentals of a discipline in 1 day.

Designed & led by a trainer with 15 years of expertise in UX Design.

Engaging format with a 2021 learning and sharing experience.

Original take-away reference document, UX toolbox and templates.

Follow-up 1:1 exclusive UX design consultancy.

“The Fundamentals of UX workshop held by Jimmy at The Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) lifted our students' comprehension skills in digital design and perfectly introduced them into the discipline”
Hassan Choubassi - Associate Professor
Director of the Institute of Visual Communication (IVC)

“The workshop with Jimmy taught our team different methods to critically assess the user experience of our software products, and come up with different ideas that could have an impact."

Yannick Skop - Managing Director & COO, Labforward

"Jimmy is a highly motivated and enthusiastic person who always is deeply engaged in his teaching projects."

Prof. Iris Utikal, TH Köln

Next Crash Seminar dates


English, Online Live

690,- EUR


German, On-site
at ‘Wertheim Cologne’

790,- EUR


German, Online Live

690,- EUR

Groups (starting from 5 participants) receive 100,- EUR discount. 
All students are entitled to 200,- EUR discount.

Upon completion of the Crash Seminar, participants will be handed a signed certificate.

The On-site seminars and workshops take place at 'Wertheim Cologne', a state-of- the-art Slow Working Space in the heart of Cologne.

Coffee, tea, breakfast, snacks and lunch from ‘Goldjunge’ are included in the fees.

The registration is simple. Just write an email stating which seminar you would like to join and I do the rest!

The seminars are limited to 8 participants and hence the earlier you register the better chance you will have to join.


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